Thank you for agreeing to write a referral for the Magis Program!

The Magis Program is a structured and creative way for people associated with Jesuit ministries to more deeply engage in Ignatian spirituality, learn about the Jesuit Mission and Way of Proceeding, and meet other committed lay colleagues. The eighteen-month program consists of four seminars, a retreat, regular reading, personal reflection and prayer.

Magis participants are lay men and women who desire to develop a deeper familiarity with the Ignatian charism. The goal of the Magis program is to form a cadre of Ignatian leaders who have personally appropriated the Ignatian charism.

AnĀ applicant has chosen you to let us know more about him/her and their suitability for this program. This reference is not a performance evaluation. Your comments will not be read by the applicant.

Thank you for taking the time to refer this applicant. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Kevin O'Brien
Director of Ignatian Partners
Office of Ignatian Spirituality