Thanks for submitting details of your Internet of Things project to IoT Hub for consideration in the Australian IoT Awards 2019.

Answering the questions below should take no more than 10-15 minutes. We aim to balance brevity with the right kinds of questions to determine the strength of your achievements.

Your submission will be used by the IoT Hub editorial team to qualify finalists in one of the following categories:

Project Awards
  • Best Primary Industry IoT Project (includes mining, agricultural and forestry projects)
  • Best Industrial IoT Project (includes manufacturing, transport, logistics, energy and utilities projects)
  • Best Government IoT Project (includes federal, state and local government projects)
  • Best Healthcare IoT Project (includes public and private healthcare projects)
  • Best Sport IoT Project (includes performance, venue, broadcast projects
Company Awards
  • Best IoT Startup (open to startups that are at least 50 percent Australian-owned and less than three years old)
  • IoT Channel Award (open to resellers and distributers)
Individual Awards
  • Young IoT Innovator Award 
  • Women of IoT Award
  • IoT Pioneer Award
Project Submissions will be judged according to:
  • The strength of the business case for the project.
  • The project’s delivery – evidence of agility, creative applications of IT and competencies developed – all while keeping within targeted scope, deadline and cost.
  • Innovation – whether new ground was forged in terms of new technologies or approaches, and how this risk was managed.
  • Metrics such as return on investment.
*If you need to gather information before completing a submission, you can exit the online form and log back in using the same URL on the same device. 

Nominations close 3rd June. 
11% of survey complete.