Thank you for hosting a school tour at your facility. This survey will only take 3-4 minutes.

FLATE wants the industry tour experience to be the best it can be for students and for you. Please help us improve and add value to the experience by sharing your thoughts about the tour.

1. Please indicate the location of your facility.

2. How many employees participated in hosting the tour?

3. Was the tour a good use of your company’s time and resources?

4. If any, how much in kind support (indicate dollar amount), and what resources did you provide?

5. Have you hired any students from the tour school as interns or employees?

6. If you answered yes to Question 4 above, about how many students have you hired as interns or employees?

7. Please check the activities that your company participates in:

8. Have you visited the FLATE outreach website (

9. Please provide local school names with which you would like to set up a partnership.

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