General Overview

As an accompaniment to Food for Peace (FFP) Request for Applications (RFAs), FFP produces a number of analytical and design documents intended to assist applicants in designing development food security activities. These documents include, but are not limited to, the FFP Technical Reference Chapters, country specific information, market analyses, country desk reviews and environmental fact sheets. Although the future of Title II funding for development food security activities remains uncertain, FFP feels it is important to capture the experience of past RFA applicants in using these materials in order to better understand their effectiveness and utility. Whether in the near-term or the long-term, this will provide FFP the opportunity to apply important lessons learned to the development of stronger RFA supporting materials in the future. 

Please note that you can give feedback on each specific type of document on the next page.

* 1. Which RFA supporting documents (i.e., technical reference chapters, country specific information, market analyses, country desk reviews, and environmental fact sheets) are most and least useful and why?

* 2. How is the information being used in designing FFP development applications? If not, what information is used?

* 3. What are the information gaps?