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We’re back with our annual Super Forum Floyd Awards, an exciting opportunity to nominate your company/organization for recognition. This is your chance to celebrate your successful communities and marketing automation campaigns.
Submit your application by completing the following fields. Not sure which award category to choose? Scroll down to check out the award categories and start nominating for Online Community (OC) and Marketing Automation (MA). Award submissions are due by November 5, 2019.

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 Award Categories
Most Successful Online Community (OC)
Your community is the cream of the crop! We know how much time and energy goes into creating and nurturing a five-star community, and we want to help celebrate your success.Tell us what makes your community amazing.

Most Successful Community Launch (OC)
Your stunningly successful community launch exceeded expectations! You should be proud of how well it all came together. Tell us all the incredible details. *Must have launched after last year’s Super Forum, which took place in November 2018.

Marketing Automation Masters (MA)
You have run some of the best marketing automation campaigns around! Tell us about what you have achieved with your stellar campaigns. What conversion rates make you want to jump for joy?

Best Community Manager (OC)
A superstar community doesn’t run itself. It has to have a real rock star behind it. We know great community managers can take a community to new heights. We want to know: who is the champion of champions? Tell us how your community manager goes above and beyond to help members, promote engagement, and overcome adversity. 

Top Digital Marketer of the Year (MA)
Marketing automation may seem like magic, but really it’s all the work of your genius digital marketer. When it comes to marketing automation, your rock star leverages data and technology to deliver an exceptional experience for your audience. Tell us all about it!

Best Community Site Design (OC)
Wow! What a sight to behold. Whether it’s the pleasing aesthetics or smooth navigation, your site’s design is top tier. It deserves a spot on the catwalk and we’d love if you shared it with us!

Best Email Design (MA)
Beautifully-written, stylishly-designed, and attention-grabbing. If this describes your emails, we’re ready to see them! Submit an image of your show-stopping design. 

Most Creative Way of Using the Higher Logic Platform (OC)
There are so many unique ways to utilize Higher Logic features to support your company's/organization’s goals, and we want to hear about how your community gets creative with them all. How have your out-of-the-box ideas elevated your community?

Most Innovative Way of Using the Higher Logic Marketing Automation (Informz/Real Magnet) Platform (MA)
Are you a Marketing Automation mastermind? Are the ways you develop campaigns and design templates with Informz or Real Magnet unrivaled in creativity and innovation? Share how you have taken the Higher Logic Marketing Automation Platform and truly made it your own.