Welcome, Friends of Garden City!

The 2017 Annual Gathering of the Garden City Conservation Society is on Wednesday, June 21. The location is Richmond United Church hall, 8711 Cambie Road.

After you sign in, enjoy a healthy snack of deliciously healthy finger food and coffee/tea/juice is available from 6:30 pm on. For details, see the Garden City e-News (June 7 or 18) or visit http://wp.me/p97QM-3k8 . (Just copy that address and paste it into your browser's address field.)

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Also, if need be, you can email us at GardenCityLands@shaw.ca.

Thank you from the Garden City Conservation Society for letting us know your intentions about the annual gathering! We look forward to seeing you there. (The hall entrance is on the west side near the north end.)

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