1. Make Your Views (and Needs) Known!

Survey Goals

As part of our preparation for the Astro2020 Decadal Survey, NOAO invites all interested members of the US community to participate in our online NOAO Community Survey. The survey results will be used in NOAO’s planning process and input to Astro2020. The survey closing date is Friday 17 May 2019

Survey Details
The survey should take 15-20 minutes and covers 10 general topics: 
  • Demographics: tell us about yourself
  • Your science in the 2020s
  • How you will obtain data in the 2020s
  • Time domain services
  • Observing facilities that are important to your research
  • Survey and data discovery services
  • Software-related services
  • New instrumentation and/or facilities
  • Student and mentor training
  • Your overall priorities for the 2020s
You can
  • Skip sections you don’t want to answer
  • Page back and forth to change your answers until you click "Done"
Why take this survey? NOAO's last US community survey was carried out in 2011, and much has changed since then. This survey aims to learn how the NOAO community has changed in the last decade, and what are our community’s needs and priorities for the coming decade? This Currents article provides further details about the survey goals. 

Your email address.
At the end of the survey, we ask for your email address to ensure that each survey response corresponds to a unique individual. If you indicated that you are interested in additional information on any topic in the survey, we may use this email address to contact you. The survey itself is anonymous: the results will be evaluated and reported in an anonymized way.
Preview It? If you would like to view the entire survey before you begin, a pdf is available here.
Questions or Concerns? Please contact Joan Najita, NOAO Chief Scientist (najita@noao.edu). 

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