Cohasset Town Hall Renovation Advisory Committee

The Town Manager convened a Committee in November of 2016 to explore the possibility of renovating and/or reconstructing Town Hall.  

 As part of this process, the Committee, along with architects McGinley Kalsow & Associates, reviewed several potential sites.  After seven months of consideration the site search for the location of Town Hall has been narrowed to two locations.
The questions that follow are designed to gauge the communities' response to the proposed locations.  

* 1. Is it important that the Town Hall remain on the Cohasset Common at its current location?

* 2. Should the Town Hall be rebuilt and located on a “campus”, adjacent to the Town Library, and across the street from the senior center?

* 3. Is it important that the historic part of Town Hall (the auditorium) be restored, even if the administrative offices are located in another location (i.e., adjacent to the Town Library)?