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Academic or Public Health Detailing refers to one-on-one education with clinical providers to encourage the adoption of evidence-based strategies. These sessions can be conducted by trained public health or clinical practitioners, or by other staff who receive training about the intervention being promoted and the detailing approach.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health, New York Department of Hygiene and Mental Health and NaRCAD are conducting a High-Impact HIV Prevention Public Health Detailing Institute February 20-22, 2018 in San Francisco, CA that will focus on increasing prescribing healthcare providers’ capacity to 1) prescribe PrEP and 2) immediately initiate antiretroviral therapy following HIV diagnosis.

If you or other staff at your state or local health department are interested developing knowledge, skills, and a jurisdictional implementation plan that will allow you to incorporate detailing into your HIV prevention efforts, please complete the following survey.

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* 3. Is your jurisdiction considered to be a low, medium, or high-burden jurisdiction?

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* 4. When do you anticipate starting your Detailing program efforts?

We recommend that at least two individuals from your organization participate in the full schedule of the Detailing Institute scheduled for February 20-22, 2019.  One individual should be responsible for administering or leading the program, and the second may be charged with conducting detailing, identifying providers who would be detailed, or monitoring or evaluating the program.

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* 5. Participant #1 (Administrator/Program Lead)

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* 6. Participant #2 (Detailer/Evaluator)

As a part of the application process, we will be conducting a 30-minute Determination of Need (DON) call to help us to better understand some of the current provider education efforts in your jurisdiction and your plans to implement a Detailing program.   These will be conducted by staff from SFDPH or the NYDOHMH.

Please note that all times listed below are Pacific Time.  Please keep this in mind when translating to your local time zone.

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* 7. Please indicate all of the  times below you are available for a DON call.

Thank you for completing this survey.  We will reach out to you immediately to schedule your DON call. 

If you have any questions about the Institute or this application, please reach out to Gary Naja-Riese at