LARCS 2018 Teen Scholarship

* 1. Name:

* 2. Address

* 3. Email Address

* 4. Phone Number

College/University Acceptance Verification:

* 5. Name of Person Verifying Student Enrollment

* 6. Title of Person Verifying Student Enrollment

* 7. Phone Number of Person Verifying Address

Bursar's Office to Contact to Coordinate Scholarship Account:

* 8. Name of Bursar

* 9. Phone Number of Bursar's Office

* 10. Email of Contact Person at Bursar's Office

* 11. Bursar's Office: Complete Mailing Address

Provide an essay of no more than 300 words
Please highlight your education and career goals to include:
What experience is required to enter and succeed in the achievement of your education and career goals?
What career field do you plan to enter once you complete your education goals?
Why do you think you are deserving as a Ladera Ranch resident and a teen scholar to receive this scholarship award?

* 12. Essay (Maximum of 300 Words)

Items to Submit: 
College/University acceptance letters included with this application; Letters of recommendation are required from the following:
Academic (teacher or counselor), Personal (non-family), Extracurricular (church, sports, music, dance, scouts, etc); and copy of
current transcripts.

Please send items to: George Blair, LARCS Community Lifestyle Director at

Agreement: If awarded the LARCS scholarship, I agree to participate in requested LARCS invitations to present to the Board and Teen Leadership Council to share my experiences and provide feedback and recommendations on possible improvements for the LARCS Teen Scholarship. I understand that these scholarship funds will be restricted for use towards student academic and/or tuition account only. I agree to the terms of this scholarship opportunity and am submitting all on the above checklist.