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When Sun Prairie changed from a village to a city in 1958, the city was divided into four districts and two seats on the City Council were assigned to represent each district, with a total of eight alders and a mayor (elected by the whole city) on the City Council. That still is the structure of the Sun Prairie City Council. In 1958, the city’s population was approximately 4,000, or 1,000 residents per district. Today, the city’s population is approximately 35,000, or 8,750 residents per alderperson district.

Every ten years, when new census data is available, every city in Wisconsin must re-draw the boundaries of those districts so that the districts have approximately equal populations. In 2021, the City Clerk will use data from the 2020 census to create new district boundaries and submit them to the City Council for approval. If we want to change the number of districts or number of alders on the City Council, it would be most practical to do so in conjunction with this redistricting.

Please complete this questionnaire to help us learn what the residents of the City of Sun Prairie think about the current number of alderperson districts or and number of alderpersons per district and possible changes to the structure of city governance.

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