Curtin University is seeking to better understand and support students identifying as Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander (ATSI). 

It is apparent that some ATSI students choose not to disclose their status on their Curtin enrolment. While this is entirely voluntary, choosing not to disclose this reduces Curtin's ability to support ATSI students. 

This 5-minute survey aims to determine the extent of this under-reporting, so Curtin can understand and address the barriers to disclosure, and ultimately provide the resources for all students to thrive.

This survey is anonymous, but please consider leaving your email address if prompted. All responses are confidential.

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* 1. Do you identify as Aboriginal, or Torres Strait Islander (ATSI)?

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* 2. If 'Yes', have you indicated this on your Curtin enrolment?

(You can check via Student Oasis -> eStudent -> My Details -> Cultural Details)

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* 3. If you identify as ATSI and have NOT indicated this on your enrolment, please share any reasons that prevented you from doing so. If not, please share any concerns you have regarding disclosure?

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* 4. How was your experience with disclosing your cultural details online to Curtin? If you had any problems with your disclosure process, please explain.

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* 5. Did you know you could update your your disclosure details by contacting curtin connect at any time?

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* 6. What could Curtin University do to make you feel more comfortable or make the process easier when disclosing your ATSI identity/ cultural details?

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* 7. In your opinion, share any concerns you may have had in regards to disclosure?

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* 8. If you identify as ATSI but did not disclose it to the university, we would love to hear from you! If you would like to help us address these barriers to disclosure by participating in a follow-up survey, then please provide your email address below so we can reach out to you. 

(Your details will be strictly confidential and not be shared with the University)

Thank you for completing this survey.

We are a group of five Curtin students, volunteering our time to make a meaningful contribution to the Curtin University community.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at:

This survey was authorised through Curtin University's AccessAbility department. You can contact them directly via (unsure)
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