If you use Washington Relay services or communicate with individuals who use these services, we would appreciate a few moments of your time in completing the survey below. Your feedback is valuable and will be used to evaluate the quality of services provided. 
For each of the following items, please select the answer which most clearly reflects your experience. In some instances, more than on selection may be applicable. If a question does not apply, simply check N/A. Information collected through this survey will be combined and reviewed in an overall summary of results and will not be used to identify specific individuals.
The survey collection period will end April 30, 2016.

* 1. In which city do you reside?

* 2. I use the following services and/or equipment (select all that apply):

* 3. In the past 30 days, I have used Relay service to make a telephone call:

* 4. Relay Operators connect me correctly to the number I provide:

* 5. Relay Operators have good spelling skills:

* 6. Relay Operators are courteous and professional:

* 7. When I call Relay, the Relay Operator answers my call within:

* 8. The speed at which the Relay Operator types to me is:

* 9. Overall, I would rate the skills of the Relay Operators as:

* 10. I am familiar with the availability of a profile to customize the telephone calls I make through Relay:

* 11. I would rate my level of satisfaction with Relay Customer Care as being: