Simpleview Summit Survey

Thank you for attending the 2017 Simpleview Summit! To help our team continue to provide quality, engaging events in the future, please provide information about your experience.

We hope to see you back next year for the 13th Annual Simpleview Summit. Please look for more information about our annual users conference, which will be sent to you in the coming months.

* 1. Please share your contact information with us.

* 2. Was this your first Simpleview Summit?

* 3. How likely are you to recommend the Simpleview Summit to an industry colleague? (0 = Least Likely, 10 = Most Likely)

* 4. Were you satisfied with the guest speakers featured at this year's conference?

* 5. Please provide the following information regarding this year's Roundtable sessions:

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor N/A
How effective were the speakers at presenting the information?
How easy was it to learn and understand the information presented?
How enjoyable were the Roundtable sessions?

* 6. Please rate this year's exhibitors in terms of:

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor N/A
Variety of exhibitors and services
Helpfulness and knowledge of exhibitors
Availability of time to speak to exhibitors

* 7. Do you have any suggestions for topics or subject matter for the 2017 Summit?

* 8. What networking opportunities did you find the most beneficial?

* 9. How could we improve the overall networking experience?

* 10. What did you like most about the 2017 Summit?

* 11. What could we do to make the overall Summit better? What would you like to see at the 2018 Summit?

* 12. Do you plan to attend the 2018 Summit?

* 13. Do you think other staff members from your organization will attend the 2018 Summit?

* 14. How important are the following factors in deciding whether or not to attend the Summit:

  Not a factor Somewhat important Fairly important The deciding factor
Travel Expenses
Accommodation Expenses 
Time of Year

* 15. Did you download the Simpleview Summit app?

* 16. If you used the app, did you find it helpful?

* 17. What features would like to see in the app next year?