With a continued focus on speed, quality and results; our community members have a lot to share, and we are providing you with the platform and opportunity.

Vivit is now offering SIG Talks twice a month starting in March 2018. 

What is a SIG Talk?

 A SIG Talk is a presentation with three 12-15-minute segments by different speakers. These speakers will share their knowledge, experience and learning via real world experiences, best practices and demos. Our objective is to be an advocate providing our Vivit members with the opportunity to spread education throughout our community with your help and expertise.

Currently, we are presenting both Quality and Testing and IT Operations SIG Talks in 2018.   

The Quality and Testing SIG Talks will be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 12:00pm ET and the IT Operations SIG Talks will be held on the second Thursday of each month at 11:00am ET.   

We believe there are several topics and themes that will come out throughout the year, which will result in further interest on behalf of members, enabling us to do even more with these sessions. To get you started in thinking, below are a few topics we are kickstarting, so you can contribute or build on them for your session.

Quality and Testing SIG Talk Topics

·        Agile and DevOps

·        Blockchain and Digital Currency

·        Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

·        Mobility, Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT)

·        Digital Security and Performance Engineering

IT Operations SIG Talk Topics

·        Operations Bridge & Analytics

·        Network Operations Management 

·        Adaptive Backup and Recovery

·        IT Service Management Automation

·        Hybrid Cloud Management

·        Data Center Automation

 I would like to contribute my expertise to my Vivit community by participating in a SIG Talk sharing day in 2018!

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