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TMA depends on the knowledge and expertise of our member volunteers to maximize the relevancy of our programs. We value and appreciate the time that you choose to contribute to our projects. Below is a list of our current volunteer opportunities with descriptions of each project and associated time commitments.

Please consider volunteering. Giving back to your industry and creating opportunities for professional development elevates everyone!
Virtual Mid-Year Meeting (MYMeeting) Planning [CLOSED]
TMA will hold a three-day Virtual Mid-Year Meeting on April 18-20, 2023 on the popular Whova meeting platform. The programming for each day will focus on a different area of the monitoring industry. April 18 will focus on Operations; April 19 will be planned around Technology; and April 20 will cover Leadership. Virtual networking events will also be incorporated throughout the three days.
WHAT'S NEEDED: Immediate
help with vetting "hot topics" and suitable speakers to share actionable take-aways with MYMeeting attendees. Five sessions planned daily to include opening Keynotes.
TIMELINE: Session proposals are due by February 17
; for marketing purposes, session topics, descriptions, and speaker confirmations are due by March 1
TBD, based on time commitment; email reviews of course topics, titles and descriptions in February; and speaker identification/confirmation through February; estimated 2 hours per month for 2.5 months.

OPSTech Program Planning
OPSTech is scheduled this year on October 8-12 in Lafayette, LA. This event is geared towards best-practice development for monitoring center management and tech personnel working at various leadership levels. 
WHAT'S NEEDED: Are you a SME in operations and/or technology management? We need your help to review content survey feedback, select sessions and discussion topics, and identify speakers to provide actionable take-aways. Manufacturers and service providers are encouraged to participate as they are integral to the success of monitoring center operations. 
TIMELINE: Eight months away, this event is meant to present just-in-time topics for all levels of leadership in the monitoring center. 
HOURS:  Kick-off meeting week of May 15; approximately 4 hours per month for 5 months.

Annual Meeting Planning

TMA's annual meeting showcases educational topics that include keynote speakers and panels geared towards executive level company owners and representatives. The annual meeting will take place on November 4 - 8, Ritz-Carlton Maui, Kapalua in Hawaii.
WHAT'S NEEDED: Help to select speakers that will provide high value to all attendees. Online research and reference gathering for paid speakers; and program development.
TIMELINE: Requests for proposals are accepted throughout the year. Proposal review begins in early July. Review and selection of keynote speakers can begin now.
HOURS: Nine months away, planning meetings are through email and over the phone on the front end. Kick-off meeting week of June 26; Requires approximately 1 to 2 hours per month based on marketing deadlines.

Excellence in Education Council
The TMA Education Committee has been charged with setting up a representative council of leaders to assist with education programming for the year. 
The Excellence in Education Council is in place to provide guidance on industry priorities. We are looking for balanced representation across the industry to meet the educational needs of our members. Feel free to nominate yourself or someone within your organization. 
TIMELINE: April timeframe for review of Call for Presentation proposals to finalize Fall programs (OPSTech and the Annual Meeting)
3-4 hours annually

Operator Video Monitoring Online Training

Experts needed in best practice operator training for professional video monitoring to include basic call handling, critical thinking, escalation and ECC communication.
WHAT'S NEEDED: Help with module review and exercise development to include video samples for training use. Members of the TMA Surveillance and Video Verificiation committee have completed two drafts and could use additional industry validation on content and application in the real-world monitoring center environment. 
TIMELINE: TMA plans to launch the course BETA by mid-April with a GOLD release by June 30.
HOURS: Module will average about 30 pages of content (including exercises); time needed depends on activity (for example, exercise development may take longer).  Flexible hours based on areas of expertise. Response deadlines must be met to meet production schedule deadlines.

Outside Video Installation Online Training
Experts needed in best practice outdoor video installation training for technicians to include installation checklist, equipment considerations, customer expectation management, and effective sales advice.
WHAT'S NEEDED: Help with module review and when necessary, content development. TMA is providing a written outline and needs industry validation on content and application in the real-world professional monitoring environment.
TIMELINE: TMA timeline is dependent on the release of the operator training module; schedule is pending.
HOURS: Module will average about 30 pages of content; time needed depends on activity (for example, exercise development may take longer). Flexible hours based on areas of expertise. Response deadlines must be met to meet production schedule deadlines.

TMA Webinar Presentations
TMA webinars are purely educational and provide a "sales free" environment for members to learn about industry trends, updates and innovations. 
WHAT'S NEEDED: Topic ideas and speakers for just-in-time 45 min/15 min Q&A virtual programs on topics of interest to the professional monitoring industry.
TIMELINE: Webinars are scheduled based on calendar availability.
HOURS: Flexible hours based on time needed to prepare and practice presentation.

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