The recipient of the Trans-Tasman Travel Bursary will embark on a self guided tour around New Zealand, visiting Angus studs, commercial operations, feedlots and attend field days and sales. The exchange will involve moving throughout the country experiencing the New Zealand beef industry and the strength of the Angus breed globally.

Sponsored by the New England Travel Centre and the Angus Australia Foundation, the scholarship provides annually an Angus Australia member aged between 18 and 30 years of age the opportunity to travel around New Zealand.

The scholarship covers return airfares for the recipient to travel to New Zealand, $1000 spending money and assistance to organize a tour to various seed-stock and commercial breeders across the country.

The scholarship recipient is encouraged to spend at least four weeks in New Zealand to make the most of the opportunity.

The Angus Australia network of staff, members and affiliated groups can provide assistance and insight to develop a tour to the recipients interest.


 • Applicants must be aged between 18 and 30 years of age

• Applicants must be members of Angus Youth/ Angus Australia (membership forms may be completed with application)

How to Apply To apply for the scholarship:

 Please complete the application form found on the Angus Australia Website . Applicants will then be shortlisted and notified. Shortlisted applicants may have an interview over the phone or in person at the Angus Youth National Roundup.

Selection Criteria:

·       Demonstrated commitment to the Angus breed and the wider beef industry

·       Demonstrated ability to be proactive in networking and time management

·       Applicants that can provide research on what they would like to do and see in New Zealand and provide a draft overview of the objective of their trip will be looked upon favorably

·       The successful candidate will be considered an ambassador for Angus Youth and should be able to demonstrate these qualities

Conditions of receiving the Scholarship:

 • The successful recipient must agree to attend an official awards presentation

• The scholarship is valid for one year and cannot be deferred

 • Within 6 weeks of returning from New Zealand, a full trip written report must be given to the Angus Australia Foundation


For more information:
Angus Australia Breed Development Officer
Jake Phillips