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The closing date for completion is 17th June 2024.

The Council's Business Plan (2021 – 2026)

The Parish Council's vision is that Sunningdale is a desirable and attractive place to live, work, study and visit with a strong sense of community and local involvement. It is responsible for running several services & facilities for the community:

• Broomhall Recreation Ground.
• Allotments at Church Road.
• Cemetery at Kiln Lane.
• Cemetery at Holy Trinity Church.
• Citizens' Advice Bureau (service operated by Citizens' Advice East Berks).
• Pop-up Library (service operated by RBWM).
• Sunningdale Village Hall (owned by the Parish Council and leased to Sunningdale Village Hall Charity, which is responsible for the day-to-day operations.)

The Business Plan sets out the priorities to achieve the vision. Full details of the plan and more information about Parish services can be found here and here.

The Parish Council is now reviewing its Business Plan and needs your views which will help shape its review. It's important to understand:

• How the existing services and facilities could be improved.
• Are there any other services you would like to see provided by the Parish Council?
• What improvements to infrastructure (if any) are needed? This will help make decisions about how to use the Sunningdale Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge levied by the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, on developers who build new homes in Sunningdale. The Parish Council receive 25% of this fund and currently the share of this fund is £1.549 million. Funds must be used to build new or improve existing infrastructure to meet the additional demands created by the increase in population in Sunningdale.

Infrastructure can include affordable housing, new & improved play and open spaces, the provision of allotments and other community buildings or facilities, as well as projects in the Sunninghill & Ascot and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan, which can be viewed here.

The Parish Council has already committed to a new footpath along Whitmore Lane, improvements to Bridleway 1 near Coworth Park to the A30 and the introduction of 20 mph speed limits on some roads. Further information is available to view here.
If you have any questions, please contact the Parish Office on 01344 874268 or by email:

This survey aims to let the Parish Council understand what improvements you would like to see to the services and infrastructure.

Section 1 - Community

The Parish Council provides several services to the community. How should these services be improved? What additional services (if any) would you like to see?

Question Title

* 1.1 Sports & Leisure
Broomhall Recreation Ground

The recreation ground includes:

• A children’s play area.

• A teen play area.

• 3 tennis courts.

• A large open grassed area for picnics and games (inc. football goals).

• The ‘Curly Wurly Café’ Chalet providing refreshments.

• A footpath across the recreation ground which joins the footpath to Sunningdale Railway Station.

• A Community Room for hire (in The Pavilion).

Q1. What improvements could be made to the existing facilities at the Recreation Ground?

Please be as specific as possible about any enhancements to the existing facilities.

Question Title

* Q2. Are there any new sports or recreation facilities that could be provided at the Recreation Ground?

Please let us know what new facilities you believe would be appreciated.

Question Title

* Sports & Recreation elsewhere in Sunningdale - outside Broomhall Recreation Ground

Thinking more broadly:

Q3. Are there additional sports & recreation facilities needed elsewhere in Sunningdale?

Please let us know what else is needed.

Question Title

* 1.2 Community Services other than sports & leisure

Community is about more than just sports & leisure. It’s also about having a safe place, promoting mental health and wellbeing, having other things to do and opportunities to meet people.

Q4. Are there any other community services you would like offered in Sunningdale?

e.g. Mental health, counselling, disability support, befriending, places to meet etc. Please think about everyone in our community – from the youngest to the oldest.

Question Title

* Q5. Are there any events you would like to see the Parish Council provide?

The Parish Council has previously hosted or organised the following: - open air cinema, bouncy castle days, Party in the Park and switch on of Christmas Lights.

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* Section 2 - Environment

The environment we live in is important to us all. What improvements are needed?

Q6. Are there any improvements that could be made to the cleanliness and visual appearance of the public spaces in our community?

By public spaces we mean those parts of the parish that are open to the public such as:

• Streets & pavements.
• Parks.
• Cemeteries.
• Verges.
• Railway stations.

Please be as specific as possible.

Question Title

* Q7. What other environmental improvements are important to you?

This might include improvements to:

• Streets & pavements.
• Public open spaces.
• Street lighting.
• Refuse & waste collection.
• Air quality.
• Ponds & streams.
• Wildlife corridors.
• Verges.

Please be specific about any problem areas.

Question Title

* Q8. Do you have any practical suggestions the Parish Council might adopt or promote to help us all reduce our impact on the environment?

Examples might include:
  • Vehicle emissions on busy streets.
  • Home insulation.
  • Planting trees.

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* Section 3 - Transport & Highways

Transport includes walking, cycling, cars, horse riding and public transport.

The Parish Council supports active travel, e.g. safe cycling routes, traffic calming, safe pedestrian crossing points, well-maintained footpaths & bridleways.

Q9. Are there footpaths near you which you use that are not currently Public Rights of Way? Please tell us where they are.

N.B. A public right of way is a way over which the public has a right to pass and repass.

Question Title

* Q10. Are there any existing paths which should be better maintained? Please give details.

Question Title

* Q11. Are there any areas in the Parish which have inadequate road signage (e.g. hidden from view, dirty and difficult to read, damaged, or simply not present)? If so, where?

Question Title

* Q12. Are there any roads that are particularly unsafe for pedestrians or cyclists?

Please be specific.

Question Title

* Q13. Are there any highways or transport improvements that are needed?

e.g. this might include a Village Hopper Bus Service. A circular route around the village centres – Ascot & South Ascot, Sunningdale, Sunninghill, Cheapside, North Ascot & the railway stations. The project is in the Sunninghill & Ascot and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan which can be found here.

Question Title

* Section 4 – Housing

How can housing provision be improved in the parish?

Q14. Do we have an adequate mix of housing in our community?

Question Title

* Q15. If you answered 'no' to the previous question, what type of additional housing do you think Sunningdale needs (including social or affordable housing)?

N.B. Affordable housing includes homes and/or is for people whose needs are not met by the private market. Social rent housing (also can be known as housing association or council housing) can be for people on low incomes.

Question Title

* Q16. Where could new housing be built?

Please let us know of any locations you think may be appropriate.

Question Title

* Section 5a – Communication

Q17. Are you satisfied with how the Parish Council communicates with you?

Question Title

* Q18. If you answered 'no' to the previous question, how could this be improved?

Question Title

* Section 5b - Community Involvement

The Parish Council is considering setting up project teams to work on proposals it adopts after this survey.

Q19. Would you like to be informed about and/or involved in follow on activity from this survey?

Question Title

* Section 6 – General

Q20. Finally, are there any other comments you’d like to make?

Question Title

* Conclusion and Next Steps

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Finally, could you supply some personal information that will help us to better understand the feedback we receive?

Section 7 - About you

Q21. Where do you live? Please provide your postcode.

This information helps us understand if you live in the Parish or are a user of its services who lives elsewhere. The Parish Council want everyones’ views!

Question Title

* Q22. Please select your age bracket.

Question Title

* Q23. Please provide your email address (optional):

Question Title

* If you provide your email address, we will email you the survey results.

Question Title

* Any personal information you provide in this survey will be handled in accordance with the Council's data protection policy.

Section 8 - Next Steps

A summary of the information collected during the survey will be presented at a Parish Council meeting and published on our website.

The Parish Council will also inform residents of any decisions made after this survey.

Thank you for taking the time to respond!

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