Preparation for the April 29, 2024 Community Coalition Roundtable

Members! Please review and provide your feedback either here or via email.
(Everyone participating in the Roundtable is welcome to provide input.)

Responses will be compiled for group discussion and finalizing decisions at the April 29 Roundtable.

Thank you for your time!

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* 1. Review of Strategic Planning Committee Suggestions

Background: The Strategic Planning Committee is a standing committee of the Partnership. Each year they conduct a survey called the Assessment of the Recipient Administrative Mechanism (AAM). This is a Health Services and Resources Administration (HRSA) requirement of Ryan White Program Planning Councils. In last year’s AAM survey of Partnership members, there were suggestions for procedural improvements to make meetings more engaging and encourage active participation.


  1. Before each meeting: Offer to have a quick phone call with people who RSVP to prepare them for what to expect at a meeting.
  2. During the meeting:
  • Acknowledge that meetings can be fast-paced and confusing and encourage everyone to ask questions if anything is unclear.
  • Stress the importance of active participation and encourage members and guests to speak up about their concerns and to help with problem-solving.
  • Announce a post-meeting debriefing session during Housekeeping and again at the end of the meeting.
  • Print definitions of common meeting terminology on the back of agendas.

3. After each meeting:
  • Hold post-meeting debriefing sessions to clarify anything that might still be confusing, and
  • Use this feedback for continued process improvement.

Do you think these improvements would encourage you or others to attend more meetings?

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* 2. Partnership Promotion Ideas

How to raise awareness of the Partnership and membership opportunities. All suggestions will be reviewed by staff and the Executive Committee to determine what can be achieved within our budget.

Some suggestions for your consideration:
  • Surveys
  • Brochures
  • Events
  • T-Shirts
  • Buttons
  • New Logo
Which of these do you think would be helpful in promoting the Partnership to Ryan White Program clients and providers?

What other suggestions do you have?

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* 3. Draft Feedback Form to address concerns and encourage problem-solving.

Do you think this form would be useful? Do you have suggestions to improve the form?

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* 4. Draft TAG Form to improve engagement in meetings.

Do you think this form would be useful? Do you have suggestions to improve the form?

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* 5. Your Name