North Central Victoria Regional Soil Health Action Plan: Survey

 Thank you for following the link to this survey, it will be open until the end of April 2018.

Your responses will help us to develop the North Central Victoria Regional Soil Health Action Plan.  The Soil Health Action Plan will guide the implementation of soil health programs to achieve positive outcomes in soil health across our region.
This survey should only take about 10-15 minutes to complete. 

Your responses will be stored confidentially and securely by the North Central Catchment Management Authority (CMA). 

All survey participants, will have the opportunity to go into the draw to win a soil Penetrometer, a tool to help identify soil compaction.  Just ensure your contact details are entered at the end of the survey. 

You will have the opportunity to contribute further to soil health planning for the region. Workshops are planned for April 2018 – if you want to be involve, ensure you tick the box and give us your contact details. 

If you have any questions or concerns on Soil Health, please contact Suzanne Johnstone at the North Central CMA on 03 5440 1868.

The North Central Catchment Management Authority acknowledges Aboriginal Traditional Owners within the region, their rich culture and spiritual connection to Country. We also recognise and acknowledge the contribution and interest of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations in land and natural resource management.

* 1. Please indicate the soil types on your property/ies?

* 2. What is the most productive soil type on your property? and why do your think it is? Please explain

* 3. What is the least productive soil type on your property? and why do you think it is?  Please explain

* 4. How important do you believe it is to a have healthy soil?

* 5. What soil health issues, constraints are of greatest concern to you?  (Only select top 5, with 1 most important and 5 lesser important.)

* 6. Do you have another soil health issue / constraint not in list above?

* 7. If not now, do you see any of these issues becoming a problem for you in the  future?

* 8. If yes, which ones (Only select top 5, with 1 most important and 5 lesser important.)

* 9. Other important future soil health issue, not in list above?

* 10. Where do you usually source your soil information from?
(Select all that apply)

* 12. If yes, which ones?

* 13. What topics are you seeking more information or support on?  (Only select top 5, with 1 most important and 5 lesser important.)

* 14. Any other important topic not in list above?

* 15. How would you prefer this information/ advice to be delivered (list in order of priority, 1 the highest preference and 5 the lowest)?

* 16. What innovative/new practices would you like to see demonstrated locally in the region?

* 17. What do you believe are the soil health priority/ies for the North Central region of Victoria?

* 18. Which description best describes you?

* 19. If farming, is it?

* 20. If you are a farmer, what type of farming enterprise do you manage or own?
Type of farming enterprise, tick all that apply.

* 21. What size is your property? Please specify if hectares or acres.

* 22. Are you an absentee landholder?

* 23. Are you a member of: tick all that apply.

* 24. Recently, to your knowledge, has any work on your property or with your group been funded, part funded or supported by the North Central CMA?

* 25. What is your age? (Used to develop event types)

Under 20 50
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 26. Please indicate your local government area

* 27. (Optional) Please provide your contact details if you would like to go into the draw to win the prize or attend a regional soil health workshop.
(This information will only be used for entry into the prize draw and interest in the future workshops.  It will not be referenced to your answers in the survey)

* 28. Please tick this box if you are interested in participating further in regional soil health workshops and ensure you have given us your contact details.