General Library Usage Information

In order to ensure that the library is helping to connect our resident with educational opportunities, we are conducting a survey to find out what types of technology classes we should offer. Information from this survey will help us determine future classes to offer.

This survey will take approximately 6 minutes.

* Do you have a Cook Memorial Public Library District library card?

* How often do you visit one of our libraries or the Bookmobile?

* What is your preferred library location?

* Have you ever attended a library event?

* Did you know the library offers technology classes and demonstrations?

* Have you ever attended a technology class or demonstration at the library?

* How satisfied are you with the library's current technology class offerings?

* How do you find out about most library events? (check all that apply)

* How do you find out about events in your community? (check all that apply)

* Please rank your preferred class times (1 Most Preferred to 6 Least Preferred).

* What is your age? (don't worry this is anonymous)