Message from Bishop Philip Egan, Bishop of Portsmouth

Dear Friends 

’How do you know me?’ said Nathanael. ‘Before Philip came to call you,’ said Jesus, ‘I saw you under the fig tree’ (John 1: 48).

In advance, I thank you very much for completing this questionnaire. I know it is a bit long and a bit involved. But it is intended to help me understand more about you, our parishioners across the Diocese, and those of you who were baptised Catholic but who no longer regularly come to Church, if at all. I also wish to know how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected you and so there are some questions included about this too. The pandemic has changed the way we practice our Catholic faith and so we would like to work out what else we might do to help you during this difficult time.

Currently, we are thinking about the long term plans and priorities for our Diocese of Portsmouth. Your answers will be a huge help to understanding what we are doing well and where we need to change and adapt. Our purpose is always Bringing People Closer to Jesus Christ through His Church. We want to hand on the legacy, with all the treasures of our faith to the future generations.

Please forward this questionnaire to any of your friends and family who are over 18 and living in the Diocese of Portsmouth, as the more responses we receive, the better informed we will be.

Once again, with gratitude and with the assurance of my prayers and best wishes

In Corde Jesu 
Philip, Bishop of Portsmouth
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