1. Welcome to the Camp MetroTown 2024 Application!

MetroTown is for the youth of Miami. For those who see differences as positives. MetroTown provides an experience where the youth of South Florida can learn about inclusion & diversity within a diverse group of people, all without disruptions of everyday life in Miami. High School students from different neighborhoods throughout South Florida come together at MetroTown to learn leadership skills, and share meaningful dialogue about issues such as justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. They leave prepared to lead initiatives that address social problems facing teens, and learn ways to improve our community. By choosing to participate in MetroTown you are making a decision to be a part of a supportive and inclusive community of young people who dare to imagine a more just and cooperative society.

MetroTown will be held on-site at the Barry University campus in Miami. from June 23-28, 2024.

To apply

  • Discuss your motivation and ability to participate in MetroTown with a mentor, adult leader, school support staff such as a Guidance or TRUST Counselor, teacher, or a trusted adult to determine if you would be a great fit for MetroTown. Share MetroTown materials with your parents/guardians and ask them to complete the appropriate sections.
  • Obtain recommendations from an adult (counselor, advisor, teacher, coach, clergy, etc.) and ask them to complete your Character Reference Form LINK
  • Ensure that your application is fully completed and submit the application directly to Mosaic Miami online via this online form. Please complete each section as thoroughly and honestly as possible. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please ensure your application is submitted by June 19, 2024, so that we may provide you with a decision as early as possible.

*Please note, only the student who will be attending camp may complete this form. Any applications completed by parents or anyone other than the student will be disqualified.

Once applications are reviewed, all applicants will be notified, and accepted applicants will be emailed an acceptance letter and registration form. Accepted applicants will be notified as soon as your application has been reviewed by Mosaic Miami. If accepted, your completed registration packet and $35 registration fee* must be submitted to Mosaic Miami NO LATER THAN June 7th, 2024.

Be honest with your application and provide as much detail as possible; there are no right or wrong answers. Your responses will be used to ensure a diverse representation of attendees. Only required Mosaic Miami Staff will have access to your information, otherwise, YOUR RESPONSES WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL. For more information, see the "Frequently Asked Questions" section at the end of the form.

Questions? Please contact us at MetroTown@mosaic-miami.org.