Before You Apply

She Runs It wants to do its part to help you stay and grow in our industry by helping you retire all or a portion of your student loan debt. As we enter our 7th year of giving, She Runs It is expanding eligibility to those who have received undergraduate or graduate degrees, and will also pay fees for continuing education or other courses that you would like to take to strengthen your skills in our industry.


Applicant must be a She Runs It member. (Not a member? Click Here to join She Runs It today and gain access to this exclusive members only benefit!)
Applicant must be the recipient of an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, or enrolled in industry relevant continuing education courses prior to application submission.
Loan or invoice provided with application must be held in the name of the applicant.

What we are looking for in an applicant
We'll be looking at your track record of success to date, but also we want to hear how you plan to give back to the She Runs It community if you win this award. Will you commit to being a mentor for a certain period of time? Will you bring other members into our community and help extend the sisterhood; will you lend your talents to one or more committees? Are you already an active She Runs It member? We want to hear about that too. Your level of dedication is important to us.

Your level of commitment to your firm is also important to the companies in our industry who are the most significant contributors to our fundraising efforts. These donor companies have expressed an appreciation of your commitment to stay at your organization for a certain period of time. Others would enjoy seeing you spearhead a movement with She Runs It to help your colleagues get involved. Some companies would appreciate both!

When applying for an award this year, please help us understand how you will pay it forward to other women in your organization and to your organization as a whole, to show your thanks.

Application Instructions
Page 1: Applicant Information - Tell us your name, company, and some background details.
Page 2: Short Answer - In 300 words or less in each of 4 questions on why applicant should win this award and paying it forward. 
Page 3: Supporting Materials - Submit proof of loan, letters of recommendation (strongly encouraged), and your current resume.

Friday, October, 18th, 2019 @ 5PM ET 

* Please note that Awards are taxable.
** Previous Winners are not eligible to apply.
*** Loan / Invoice must be in candidate's name.* Please note that Awards are taxable.

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