We recently asked readers to suggest topics for new guides. Managing risk as a grantmaker was the overwhelming favorite. Please take this short follow-up survey to help us home in on which grantmaking activities you consider risky, and why.


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* Please rate the level of risk associated with the following activities.

  Very risky Somewhat risky Not very risky
1. Introducing new program directions
2. Supporting a new idea in a field or community
3. Replicating a successful project or organization
4. Bringing people with diverse perspectives together to solve a problem
5. Underwriting programs with no standard outcomes metric
6. Collaborating with other funders rather than doing it alone
7. Being open about failures in strategies and grantmaking
8. Getting feedback from grantees about what's working and what's not
9. Working in turbulent political environments
10. Working on publicly contested issues
11. Working with a grantee that is new to my foundation
12. Working with a grantee that is new to philanthropy
13. Determining how and when to take credit for work my foundation supports
14. Forming unconventional partnerships to further program goals
15. Deciding when to end funding

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* Can you think of additional "risky" situations you've encountered as a grantmaker? Please describe.

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* Please share one or two pieces of wisdom you've gleaned from your experience managing risk.

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