Tower & Spire Survey - St Thomas', Musbury

Tower & Spire Community Survey

We're keen to find out what people from the local community, and beyond, think about the proposals for the tower and spire at St Thomas'. Whichever route the church takes, it's one which will rely on community support and a significant amount of fundraising. We don't want to proceed without community support for both the work and the fundraising needed to pay for it. 
Your responses to the following questions will help us work out which way to go.
Thank you.
1.The tower survey report and proposed options are available on our website and from church. Have you read them? (click on the link below and scroll down the homepage to find the documents)
St Thomas' Website
2.Of the 3 options described (remove the spire, repair in place, remove and then rebuild), which would you feel able to most support?
3.What's your connection with St Thomas' church? (tick as many as apply)
4.How might you describe the role of St Thomas' church? (tick as many as apply)
5.Do you have any skills/experiences which might help us with the tower and spire project?
6.One suggested way of raising funds is for people to pledge a significant amount of their own money. This helps grant-making bodies see that there is a commitment locally to raising funds and getting the work done. 
Would you, or your business, be willing/able to make a pledge?
7.Can we keep in touch? Please let us know and leave details.
8.Would you be willing to support fundraising events? (tick as many as apply)