1. Instructions For Completing This Survey

The Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) is seeking comments from its communities of interest* regarding the proposed 2023 Accreditation Standards for Degree Advancement Programs in Respiratory Care.

The CoARC will review these comments and make recommended revisions to the final draft for review by the Full Board at the November 2022 meeting.
In this survey you will be asked to comment on each section of the Standards rather than on each Standard.  A copy of the 2nd Draft of the DA Standards with significant changes highlighted is posted on our web page at https://coarc.com/accreditation/degree-advancement-standards/.  These changes include: 
·         Standard DA3.6 Standard, Evidence of Compliance, and Interpretive Guidelines
·         Standard DA3.7 Interpretive Guidelines
·         Standard DA3.8 Interpretive Guidelines
Comments must be received by CoARC no later than Friday, September 30, 2022.  Interested parties may also provide their comments using this email address: shelley@coarc.com.   It is important that these comments specify to which Standard (i.e. 2.04), section of the Standards (i.e. Introduction), or line number the comment relates.  
We greatly appreciate your time and input.
* Communities of interest include all the bodies within the CoARC organizational structure; related bodies or organizations (the AARC, the ACCP, the ASA, the ATS, the ASAHP, the SCCM, and the NBRC; RT educational program representatives (CEOs, deans, program directors, directors of clinical education, medical directors, site visitors, and advisory committee members); respiratory therapy educators; practitioners; consumers; employers; regulators (licensure boards, state higher education commissions); recognition bodies (Council for Higher Education Accreditation); accreditors (regional, national, and specialized accreditors); the accrediting membership organization (Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors); students; and the public at large.  CoARC reviews the data collected (validity, ease of interpretation, potential issues, positives and negatives regarding drafts of the revised Standards) from all evaluation instruments and feedback from communities of interest.

Question Title

* 1. This section of the survey asks for important demographic and contact information.

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* 2. Please complete the information below by checking all that apply. (This information will not be linked to your identifying information and will only be used in the aggregate to allow the CoARC to track the types of individuals submitting comments.)

Which term(s) describe your relationship to the respiratory therapy (RT) educational community?

The remainder of this survey asks for your comments about the proposed Degree Advancement Standards and allows you to provide comments about each section of the Standards.

You may choose to complete only portions of this survey related to particular Sections. You can enter a survey again later and add additional thoughts.