Please fill out this form to book in for your pasture spraying this year.

We ask you to fill this in, even if you have had spraying completed by us before. This will make the whole process smoother, update our databases and will reduce the amount of paperwork required.

Please select your chemical preference and include an estimate on how much area there is to spray, as well as any details around any sensitive areas, hazards or things that we need to be aware of.

Spraying will be starting mid/late September - ground and weather conditions dependant. We will attempt to spray properties in roughly the order the jobs come in in - so first in first served. 

Thank you for completing the form - we appreciate your time and business.

If you require anymore information please complete the form and then email us

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* 1. What is your full name for invoicing purposes? Or who do you want the invoice made out too? i.e. farm/company name.

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* 2. What is your contact phone number?

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* 3. What is your email address for invoicing? (preferred). If you do not have an email address, please supply your postal address.

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* 4. What is the physical address that you would like the spraying completed at? Please supply any extra information if the property is hard to find.

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* 5. How many hectares or acres is your property approximately?

We use GPS technology so you will only be charged for the exact area/hectares sprayed however it is good to have an estimate of how much chemical we need to have on board.

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* 6. Are there any sensitive areas, risks or hazards our applicator needs to know about i.e vegetable gardens, flowers, animals, slippery, wet areas, holes, organic farms or orchards on boundaries etc?

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* 7. If we cannot boom spray (drive) on all of your property, do you wish for us to gun spray the hard-to-reach areas, corners, yards etc?  Please elaborate if there are extra areas you would like done other than the obvious paddocks? Gun spraying is charged on a per 15 minute rate ($25 per 15min + chemical) and is on top of the boom spraying per ha rate.

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* 8. Which chemical would you like to use? 

Conquest -  Conquest works well on broadleaf weeds, including carrot weed, but also ragwort, thistles, and dock. The only downfall is that it is hard on clover. If you have loads of different weeds and want a good pasture clean this is a great option, bearing in mind it will damage your clover.

Amine - A Selective Broadleaf herbicide – works well on broad leaf weeds and carrot weed however isn’t effective on Dock or Oxeye Daisy

Pricing includes Application and Chemical. Travel will be charged accordingly from our yard in Hikurangi.  Note: Prices have increased $10/ha from last year due to increase in chemical costs and freight etc.

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* 9. Are you interested in liquid fertiliser? If so i will let you know more information at a later date. Fertiliser cannot be mixed with the herbicide.

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* 10. By filling in this booking form and requesting us to complete your pasture spraying you agree to and understand the following terms and conditions

- I understand that it is my responsibility to inform my neighbours in advance that I will be using a spray contractor to spray my property and that I will be using herbicide chemicals
(either Amine or Conquest).

- I agree to ensure the applicator is informed prior to spraying or on arrival of any sensitive areas such as vegetable gardens, flowers, animals etc 

- I agree to identify and advise the applicator of any risks or hazards on and around my property before the spraying takes place. 

- I'm aware that I will need to provide a detailed map of the area to be sprayed or be home at the time of spraying. 

- I understand there is a two-week meat withholding for stock with both the Amine and Conquest chemicals.

- I understand that payment will be expected within 10 days of invoice.

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* 11. Any other comments or information you would like to give us or any questions you may have?