She Runs It is proud to announce the 2023 Changing the Game Awards, an event recognizing women within marketing, media & tech who are true catalysts of innovation -- fearlessly making bold moves and reinventing the rules of marketing to transform their brands, their organizations and those of their clients. These are women who are not just achieving their goals, but doing so in game changing ways.

A panel of judges representing a cross-section of the industry determines the winners. Prior winners have told us that, given its unique nature, it is one of the most emotionally rewarding accolades of their career.

We are looking for recommendations for women who have achieved game-changing results within the past two calendar years and fit one of the below four categories. There will be up to four honorees awarded in each category:
  • Brainwave - Changing the way a brand or product is marketed (15 years or more of experience)
  • Paradigm Shift - Changing the way a customer segment or target audience is approached (15 years or more of experience)
  • Quantum Leap - Changing the way an organization is aligned to pro-actively meet new challenges (15 years or more of experience)
  • No Apologies - Creating whole new business models or marketplace opportunities (5 years or more of experience)

How to Nominate (And don’t be shy, plenty of our game changers self-nominate):
To nominate yourself or someone else, complete the following sections of the form:

Part I: Nominee Information
Part II: Tangible Business Results: Up to 3 statements
Part III: Two letters of recommendation (required)
Part IV: Supporting Documents (strongly recommended)
Part V: Nominator Information

Nomination Deadline:
All nominations must be submitted by Thursday, July 20th @ 5pm ET.
Email, for any questions regarding your nomination.