December 29, 2017

Dear High School Student:

Dallas ACAP (Accounting Career Awareness Program) is a one-week residency program for high school students (all grade levels) interested in a career in business.  Held at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, TX, the program introduces students to accounting, finance, economics, and management through a focused, undergraduate-level program taught by college faculty and guest lecturers in business and government.  During the week, students have the opportunity to attend classes on careers in accounting and business, personal development and college preparation and tour college campuses, local companies, and CPA firms.  The program concludes with the students inviting their parent(s) or guardian(s) to a luncheon or banquet in commemoration of their completion of the program at the end of the week.  Dallas ACAP Week is June 24-29, 2018. The ACAP website is www.dallasacap.com.
Students interested in Dallas ACAP should review the following documents prior to completing this application:
--  ACAP Presentation
--  ACAP Presentation Handout
--  Student Selections Timeline
Requirements are as follows:
-- Must be a high school student (freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior) at time of application
-- Complete the application below
-- Minimum of 3.0 GPA (may take a 2.8 if there are strong extracurricular activities)
-- Two (2) letters of recommendation
-- 100-word essay (included in the online application)
-- High school transcript
-- Onsite interview (to be scheduled in late April or early May)

Please complete the following information by March 31, 2018 if you desire to apply for acceptance into the 2018 Accounting Career Awareness Program.


Odell L. Brown, CIA, CPA, PHR
Dallas ACAP Executive Director
NABA Lifetime Member

* 1. Today's Date

* 2. Your Name (First and Last Name)

* 3. School  Information:

* 4. Your Address:

* 5. Your Phone Numbers:

* 6. Your Email Address

* 7. Please complete the following for your parent/guardian:

* 8. NAME, TITLE, AND CONTACT NUMBER OF HIGH SCHOOL OFFICIAL SENDING YOUR HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT. (Note:  Your transcript and other supporting materials should be submitted prior to the deadline date of March 31, 2018.) Transcripts and other supporting materials can be mailed to:

Dallas ACAP
Post Office Box 380426
Duncanville, TX 75138

As an alternative, you may email these materials to Odell Brown at odellbrown72@gmail.com.

* 9. What is your career aspiration?  (Please take the time to fully respond to this question.  Short, vague responses should be avoided.)

* 10. 100-WORD ESSAY QUESTION:  Why You?  Why should you be selected for this program? (This is a different question from Question #9.  Do not type the same answer here as you typed for the previous question.  Your response should be 100 words or more.)

* 11. REPEAT STUDENT: A select number of repeat students may be considered for admission to subsequent programs if they meet certain requirements:

--  Meet the current eligibility requirements
--  Plan to major in Accounting or other business-related fields
--  Have participated in selected Dallas ACAP and/or NABA-related activities to support and/or promote Dallas ACAP since you last attended ACAP.  Merely telling your friends about ACAP does not meet the promotion and/or participation requirement. In addition, stating "I had a good time last year" does not, of itself,  constitute sufficient reason for returning.  Thus, this question has more to do with "what you have done for ACAP" rather than "what you want from ACAP".

If you are a repeat student, please use the space below to answer this question.  Be clear in your response.  If you are not a repeat student, you may skip this question.

* 12. SCHOLASTIC AWARDS:  List any scholastic awards you have received.

* 13. ATHLETIC AWARDS:  List any athletic awards you have received (include the number of years involved).

* 14. OTHER EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, AWARDS, OR HONORS :  List any other activities and/or awards you received (include number of years involved).

* 15. COMMENTS:  Give any other comments you wish to make at this time.