Thank you for applying for the Heart of Seattle Awards. Your answers to this survey will be scored and the top 10 scorers in each category will be evaluated by a team of Seattle sustainable business experts to identify up to 5 finalists per category.

The following set of questions are a compilation of segments of the B Lab Impact Assessment and Chinook Book criteria to qualify your business according to product sourcing, operations, governance, and labor policy.

For additional details on these standards, please visit our website for more information on our criteria. You can also take the full B Lab Impact Assessment to to help you learn what it takes to build a better business, compare your answers to thousands of other businesses, and create a customized improvement plan.

* 1. Name of the company

* 2. Number of employees

* 3. Business type (Corporation, Benefit Corporation, LLC, Parntership, Sole Proprieter)

* 4. Please include a brief description of your business.

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