Welcome to the Emerging Leaders in Community Sport Program. Sports Central and partners are looking forward to your passionate participation.

To help us tailor a program that will be really beneficial to you and your club/organisation, please register your information below and provide us a great snapshot of you and your leadership aspirations.

Before you complete this registration form, please ensure you have:-
1. If under 18, please ensure you have parent consent and have available transport to the face to face sessions;
2. Your club/organisation has endorsed your participation and is on-board with their commitment to co-design a leadership position and/or lead a project;
3. You are committed to completing the whole program and open to providing feedback to Sports Central;
4. You have access to the internet and a computer/ipad;
5. You are fully vaccinated (COVID-19) and able to prove your vaccination status at the first face to face session on November 17;

We welcome participants who identify living with a disability. If you have any requests which may assist you to access this program please contact Kate at Sports Central who will gladly work with you - katew@sportscentral.org.au

Sports Central celebrate our diverse Central Highlands community. We encourage participation from people of diverse cultural backgrounds, age and genders. We aim to create an environment where all feel valued and respected, have access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute their perspectives and talents to improve their organisation.

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