2024 Strategic Planning Survey HP Municipal Library

1.In which age range do you fall? (check one box)(Required.)
2.Where do you live? (check one box)(Required.)
3.Are you a student?(Required.)
4.Do you have a High Prairie Library membership?(Required.)
5.Are you new to the Town of High Prairie/Big Lakes County? (2 years or less)(Required.)
6.Do you use the High Prairie Municipal Library?(Required.)
7.Which services do you (or your family) use at the High Prairie Municipal Library? (check all that apply)(Required.)
8.When do you use the library?(Required.)
9.What is the ideal time for you to access library programs?
10.How does the library benefit you or the community? (please write your answer in the box below)(Required.)
11.What kind of events/programs/services should be offered at the HP Library? (write your answers in the box below)(Required.)
12.How do you learn about library events? (check all that apply)(Required.)
Current Progress,
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