Welcome to the Cardiogram Migraine Survey

We believe that there are physiological processes that occur during the initial stages of a migraine that can be detected via a wearable device.

We also think that these processes can be detected at an earlier stage of a migraine than signals or symptoms that are recognized by a migraine sufferer.
If you suffer from migraines and are willing to help us test our hypotheses, we ask that you complete this four-question survey.  After that, you're ready to start logging.
There are two simple steps to follow to log your migraines. First, if you feel early symptoms of a migraine coming on, press the 'Log An Early Migraine' button (You can always adjust the start time as pictured).  Second, 24 hours after you've logged that potential migraine, you'll be prompted with a follow-up question asking whether or not a migraine actually developed and if you took any meds. And that's it! Simple.
To collect enough data for our data scientists to build an accurate migraine prediction algorithm, we ask you to continue logging your migraine experiences over the course of a few months. If we are successful this will become another feature in Cardiogram.

For those of you who are migraine sufferers and are willing to help by participating in this project, we wholeheartedly thank you!