Welcome to the CHI Steering Committee 2023 Open Call for expressions of interest (EOI) for General Chair (GC) and Technical Program Chair (TPC). This is for CHI2026 and beyond (noting that the leadership team for CHI2025 is already in place). See this blog post for role descriptions, criteria for fit, and decision process.

You may nominate/be nominated as an individual or as part of a team, and for one or more roles. If you are nominating as part of a team, there will be space to name partner(s). A team could be a GC team, a TPC team or a combined GC and TPC team (or mix thereof), paying attention to dimensions of diversity noted in this SIGCHI policy on Open Calls for Volunteering Positions.  Each of you will still need to complete a separate Expression of Interest form and point to the other(s) in the team.

Reminder: before you nominate someone else, you first need to ask them for their agreement.

EOI deadline is 20 September 2023.