Sitting Bull College

* 1. Are you generally satisfied with your present career/ academic situation?

* 2. How satisfied are you with the overall educational experience you had at Sitting Bull College?

* 3. If you could start college again, would you enroll at Sitting Bull College?

* 4. Would you recommend Sitting Bull College?

* 5. How often do you use skills or knowledge learned at Sitting Bull College in your daily work?

* 6. Are you employed in the field of your Sitting Bull College degree/ emphasis? If not, why? (Choose one response)

* 7. I am currently employed at __________ for ______ (how long). 

* 8. While at Sitting Bull College, did you develop a relationship with one or more faculty members such that you could ask for a letter of recommendation? 

* 9. To what extent did your experience at Sitting Bull College contribute to your knowledge, skills, and personal development in the following areas?

  Very Much Quite a Bit Some Very Little
Writing Clearly/ Effectively
Solving Numerical Problems 
Speaking Clearly/ Effectively 
Using Information Read/ Heard to Perform New Skill
Breaking Down Information into Basic Elements 
Assessing the Value of Information Critically
Using Computer Technology 
Learning Effectively on Your Own 
Working Well with Other

* 10. To what extent do you feel connected to Sitting Bull College? 

* 11. Which of the following activities appeal to you as an opportunity to stay connected to the college?

* 12. How do you hear most about Sitting Bull College?

* 13. What media do you listen to most often? 

* 14. As an alumnus, I think donations to the college should support activities such as: (mark all that apply)

* 15. To what extent do you consider the following methods effective ways to garner alumni financial support?

  Very Much  Quite a Bit Some Very Little 
Personalized Letter
Phone Calls
Online Giving Sites
E-mail Notifications 
Hearing from the College President 
Hearing from Fellow Alumni 
Hearing from Faculty/ Academic Deans
Hearing from a Member of the Board of Trustees
Hearing from Current Students 

* 16. Which of the following best describes your recent history in terms of financial donation to Sitting Bull College?

* 17. Up to this point, which of the following reasons might explain why you have been unable to contribute (or contribute more) to Sitting Bull College? (mark all that apply)

* 19. Have you earned a bachelor's degree or higher? 

* 20. For the most part, were you a full-time or part-time student at Sitting Bull College? 

* 21. What is your gender? 

* 22. What is your current age range? 

* 23. What is your ethnicity/race?

* 24. What is your current annual salary range?