* 1. Which IRWA designations/certifications do you hold?

* 2. Which IRWA designations/certifications are you currently WORKING ON?

Please help your chapter to choose the right courses for you by selecting three courses you would like your chapter to present in the coming year. If you do not plan to take any IRWA courses these year, please select the "I will not enroll in any courses in 2017 option" in the dropdown menu below.

* 6. Do you have any comments or concerns about course scheduling that you would like to share?

* 8. Which of the these professions (if any) are you licensed to practice? Please select all that apply.

* 9. What is your employment category?

* 10. What portion of the following professional development expenses does your employer cover? If you are self-employed, retired or not currently employed, please select the "No Support" option.

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IRWA Annual Dues
Course Registration (Tuition)
Chapter Meetings
Annual Conference
Travel Expenses

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