Share your thoughts on creating Litter Free Chicago and Calumet Rivers

Thank you for helping create Litter Free Chicago and Calumet Rivers!

Friends is collaborating with individuals, non-profits, businesses and government officials from Lake County to the Calumet to improve and protect the Chicago River watershed by reducing and removing the harmful and ugly litter at city parks and forest preserves, neighborhood blocks, and businesses. Your ideas, feedback and efforts are critical to bring about long-term improvements in the health of the Chicago River system and improve our environment for people, plants and animals. Surveys like this provide data which help us better understand, incorporate and advocate for updated policies and see the collective impact of volunteers from multiple organizations. 

All answers are totally confidential of course.

Question Title

* 1. How did you hear about the Litter Free Chicago-Calumet River initiative?

Question Title

* 2. What do you think are the most important ways we can reduce litter?

  Not Important Somewhat important Very Important Critical to success
Have a greater number of trash and recycling receptacles
Have trash and recycling receptacles that cannot be knocked over
Have trash and recycling receptacles with lids
Have trash and recycling receptacles near each other
Educate people better on the harm litter poses to people and wildlife
Encourage waste/litter-free events
Make littering socially unacceptable
Create public policy to reduce waste before it becomes litter
Encourage recycling through bottle deposits (areas with deposits see higher recycling rates)
Encourage more cigarette butt receptacles on public and private property
Encourage businesses to incentivize patrons bringing reuseable containers
Promote reusable to-go container systems
Increase signage encouraging recycling and proper waste disposal
Increase signage about littering tickets
Increase patrols in public areas to give out warnings
Increase patrols in public areas to give out tickets
Increase enforcement for littered vacant properties

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* 3. What changes will you try to reduce litter and waste?

  Unlikely Maybe Likely Absolutely I already do this Doesn't apply to me
Bring a reusable travel mug with me for to-go coffee
Use a reusable waterbottle
Buy more in bulk or products with less packaging
Request no single-use plastics when ordering to-go food
Encourage businesses to switch to compostable to-go products
Put an ashtray in my car
Install a cigarette butt repository in front of my business
Gently direct someone I see littering to the nearest trash can
Encourage my family, friends and neighbors to reduce their waste
I will pick up litter independently
I will organize independent cleanups on my own
I will utilize Litter Free Supply Stations to support my independent cleanup
I will pick up litter at cleanups organized by other organizations