Visioning Survey #2

The Yarmouth Planning Board has completed Phase One of the Yarmouth Visioning Project. Its purpose is to create a Vision Statement that expresses what we want Yarmouth to be like in the future, and to create a list of general Goals to help us reach that shared vision. Creating a Vision Statement will help guide future Town initiatives and resource allocations, as well provide direction towards our long-term master plan, the Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP).

During the past six months, we gathered important, detailed information from various members of the community by conducting several public workshops/ roundtables and collecting and analyzing survey results from almost 500 respondents.

The results of this phase are summarized under four main areas. Yarmouth is a place where we Live, Work, Play and Learn. Based on all of the information we obtained through this outreach, Yarmouth’s

strengths and challenges have been divided into specific topics focused on preserving, promoting and providing for our community’s future.

Using this format, the Board has developed a Draft Vision Statement and Goals. To further improve our initial findings, we are now asking the community to complete a second Visioning Survey which will run through July 31, 2021.