Accessible Housing Application

The University of Saint Joseph is committed to providing equal access to its programs, services, and activities, including on-campus housing. Student Accessibility Services works closely with Residential Life to ensure students with documented disabilities are able to enjoy accessible on-campus housing. Students are encouraged to submit requests for accessible housing as early as possible, as accessible housing is based on availability and is not guaranteed.

Please note:

A. Returning students that submit a request for a documented need for accessible housing prior to the priority date of March 8th will be assigned to housing early by Residential Life staff and will not participate in the housing selection process. Incoming students that submit a request for a documented need for accessible housing will be placed by Residential Life staff based on the accommodation need and available options at the time of the request.

B. Students with a documented need for a housing accommodation that can be implemented in any hall (e.g., an electric blanket) will participate in the regular housing selection process.

C. Students must have paid all applicable deposits and submitted a housing application prior to being granted housing accommodations.

D. If a student has already been assigned housing and realizes the housing assignment is not accessible to the student, the student should submit the Accessible Housing Application and documentation of disability. Residential Life will then assess available housing options that most closely meet the need for the requested accommodation.

E. Although there is no deadline for requesting accessible housing, students are strongly encouraged to submit requests as early as possible, as accessible housing is dependent on availability and is not guaranteed. Students will be offered regular housing and will be placed on a waiting list if accessible housing is unavailable.

Please note: Students that submit the Accessible Housing Application without having already submitted documentation will receive an email from the Accessibility Coordinator regarding the documentation that is needed. Students are encouraged to email the Accessibility Coordinator at if there are questions regarding the documentation needed.

1. Submit documentation of disability to Student Accessibility Services. Documentation may be mailed, faxed, emailed, or dropped off (please see contact information at the bottom of this form).

Documentation may be submitted in form of a Documentation of Disability Form for Housing Accommodations (located on the Student Accessibility Services page on MyUSJ) or a letter by the diagnostician or treating professional. Students may also email the Accessibility Coordinator to request the Documentation of Disability Form for Housing Accommodations at:

Documentation in the form of a letter should contain the following elements:
  • Typed, dated, signed, on letterhead.
  • Formal diagnosis per the DSM V or ICD, if applicable.
  • List of symptoms and functional limitations, as well as their frequency and severity.
  • A discussion of how the student's functioning is substantially limited in the residence halls due to the diagnosis.
  • A rationale for each recommended housing accommodation.
Please note that documentation should illustrate that the diagnosis rises to the level of a disability. In determining disability status, USJ is guided by federal law which defines a person with a disability as one who:
  • has a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities, such as caring for oneself, hearing, learning, reading, speaking, breathing, or working; or
  • has a record of such an impairment; or
  • is regarded as having such an impairment.
2. Submit the Accessible Housing Application.

3. After submission of documentation of disability and/or the Accessible Housing Application, the student will receive an email on their USJ email account regarding the accommodation request. If documentation is missing or is insufficient, the Accessibility Coordinator will email the student regarding the documentation that is needed.

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* What is your requested accommodation/access need?

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* Students may submit a request for a preferred residence hall(s) and one preferred roommate. The preferred roommate must email Angela Marchio at to inform Residential Life that they would like to be assigned with you. Placement of your preferred roommate is dependent on approval and availability. Roommate and residence hall preferences are not guaranteed, as the priority will be to meet the documented accommodation need.

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* Please provide a statement discussing the need for the housing accommodation(s) you are requesting.

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* Please explain how the absence of the requested accommodation(s) will impact your ability to function in the residence halls at USJ.

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* Please explain how you have functioned in the past without the requested accommodation(s).

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Contact Information for Student Accessibility Services

Jennifer Boylan, MAT, M.A., LPC, Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services

Mail: 1678 Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, CT  06117
Fax: 860.512.7293
Phone: 860.231.5481
Office: Center for Academic Excellence, 2nd floor of the Pope Pius Library, room 214