Please take two minutes to share your thoughts on England's education system. We need your response by 10am Tuesday 28th May, 2024. Thank you in advance for your input.
The FED has consulted with thousands of stakeholders over the past four years. Last year’s survey showed us:
  • 97% of respondents agree we need a shared, long-term plan to guide the education system in England for the benefit of all learners, the economy and society
  • 91% agree that such a plan should be overseen by an independent body, which would be informed by a broad range of stakeholders
  • 95% agree that developing a long-term plan for education should be central to parties’ manifestos as we approach the next general election
  • 86% agree that the education system in England would benefit from a new role, like a National Education Officer, who would be the most senior advisor to government on all matters relating to education
  • 88% agree that regional and local leaders should be empowered to implement such a long-term plan for education
In this year’s survey, we are asking you to tell us how much of a priority the following should be for the next Secretary of State for Education.