This questionnaire is for YOU - young people from the age of 15 to 29. We want to find out if you have ever used a Youth Information Centre or any of its services. We are curious to know; what you think of the help and support provided by youth information services.

Additionally, we hope to better understand your information behavior i.e. what sort of information you generally look for, what sources you use, which are your preferred form of information and how easily you can access these sources.  

The reason for this survey is so that youth information services can better understand the information behavior of the young people so that information services can be improved.

Your responses are voluntary and will be confidential. Responses will not be identified individually. All responses will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. The results will be used to help improve information services for young people. Answering the survey should take about 15 minutes.

If you have any questions, please contact the nearest youth information center or write to the survey team:

Thank you for your time!

The Future Youth Information Toolbox project team

* 1. HAVE YOU EVER USED YOUTH INFORMATION SERVICES (Youth information centers/points, Youth centers, online information, social media, etc.)?