Thank you for your support of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS). It has been over 10 years since the last AAS member survey and much has changed in the way the world communicates.

We wish to ensure we are serving your needs, and seek your opinion of the AAS and its offerings. The following 38-question survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.

As a thank you for your time and feedback, at the completion of the survey you may enter your details for entry into a drawing for one (1) $100 Amazon gift card. Please note the survey closes on May 31, 2018.

Thank you for your participation!

* 1. Please rate the importance of the following tangible benefits of your AAS membership.

  Very important Somewhat important Not very important Not at all important N/A
Annual Conference registration discount
Printed Journal of Asian Studies (JAS)
JAS online
Monthly #AsiaNow Digest emails
Publication discounts (AAS publications, Education About Asia, Cambridge University Press, MIT Press)
Online Member Directory
Job Board
Eligibility for grants and book subvention
Eligibility for travel subsidies for AAS-in-Asia conferences

* 2. Please rate the importance of the following intangible benefits in your decision to be a member of the AAS.

  Very important Somewhat important Not very important Not at all important N/A
To express my professional responsibility and identity     
To establish or maintain professional relationships     
To keep abreast of research and methodology in my field     
To have cross-disciplinary discourse     
To present my field or expertise to a broader public (education, media, etc.)     
To actively support or influence the field by serving on AAS committees or governing bodies     
To improve my pedagogical skills     
To seek employment     

* 3. How many years have you been a member of the AAS?

* 4. Have you ever allowed your AAS membership to lapse?

* 5. If you have allowed your AAS membership to lapse, why?

* 6. Does your institution/organization cover your membership dues?

* 7. How important is it to you that multi-year memberships are offered?

* 8. Would you encourage your colleagues to join the AAS? Check all that apply.

* 9. Please provide any suggestions of how membership in the AAS can be made more appealing and/or positively affect the field of Asian Studies.

* 10. In which professions and areas of expertise beyond the academy would you like (or recommend) AAS to seek new members?

* 11. Would you be more likely to renew your AAS membership if commercial/consumer discounts were offered to AAS members? (For example, Office Depot/OfficeMax or Enterprise Rent-a-car)

* 12. Please rate the importance of the following sections of the  Journal of Asian Studies (JAS)

  Very important Somewhat important Not very important Not at all important Don’t know
Book Reviews

* 13. Are you familiar with the following AAS publications series? Check all that apply.

  Aware Unaware Have Purchased or downloaded
Asia Past & Present
Key Issues in Asian Studies
Asia Shorts
Education About Asia (Print Subscription)
Education About Asia (Open Access Online Archives)

* 14. Please rate the sections of the AAS website according to their usefulness.

  Very useful Somewhat useful Not very useful Not at all useful N/A
AAS Homepage
Member Directory (members only)
JAS online (members only)
Job Board (members only)
#AsiaNow blog
Annual Conference
AAS-in-ASIA Conference
Regional Conferences
Non-AAS Asian Studies Conferences and Workshops
Latest News
Grants and Awards
Professional Resources
AAS Online Store

* 15. What other features would you like to be available on the AAS website?

* 16. How often do you attend the AAS Annual Conference?

* 17. Please rate the importance of the following aspects of the AAS Annual Conference as they pertain to your participation or enjoyment.

  Very important Somewhat important Not very important Not at all important N/A
Formal program (panel sessions)
Affiliate meetings/Meetings-in-Conjunction
Book Exhibit
Social functions/networking
Film screenings
Keynote Address
President’s Address
Awards Ceremony

* 18. Please rate the importance of the following provisions at the AAS Annual Conference.

  Very important Somewhat important Not very important Not at all important N/A
Child care subsidy
Nursing mothers’ room
Quiet room

* 19. How important is the city or venue in determining your attendance of the AAS Annual Conference?

* 20. Would you prefer to attend the Annual Conference in larger, metropolitan (first tier) cities with higher hotel rates and expenses, such as New York and Washington, D.C. or smaller, mid-size (second tier) cities with lower rates and expenses, such as St. Louis and Indianapolis?

* 21. Have you attended or plan to attend an AAS-in-ASIA conference? Select all that apply

* 22. Has attending an AAS-in-Asia conference affected whether you attend the AAS Annual Conference in the same calendar year?

* 23. What social media do you use on a weekly basis?

  Yes No

* 24. Do you follow the AAS social media pages?”

  Yes No N/A

* 25. How could the AAS make better use of social media?

* 26. How frequently do you feel the AAS communicates with you via email?

* 27. Would you participate in an online community - specific to your area of interest - for AAS members to discuss current topics, network, and share research?

* 28. Are you a member of, or do you participate in, any of the AAS regional conferences?

* 29. If you have ties to a regional conference, please select from the list below:

* 30. Are you a member of any other scholarly association(s)?

* 31. Do you attend any other associations’ annual conferences?

* 32. Compared to other professional associations, how satisfied are you with your AAS membership?

* 33. What can the AAS do to make you feel more connected to the association?

* 34. Please select the answer that most closely describes your status/occupation

* 35. Please select the primary area of your interest/expertise.

* 36. What is your primary discipline?

* 37. Please select the region in which you reside

* 38. Have you had the opportunity to serve on:

  Yes No
AAS Area Councils
AAS committees
AAS editorial boards

* 39. Thank you for your feedback! If you wish to be included in the drawing for one (1) $100 Amazon gift card, please enter your details below.