In July, the State of Maryland launched its new eProcurement platform - eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA). Enhancements will be introduced over time as the tool becomes a complete “procure-to-pay” system allowing for:
  • Real-time visibility into the status of PO’s; 
  • Decreasing or eliminating manual invoicing;
  • Ability to upload vendor catalogs;
  • Faster payments; and
  • The ability for PO’s to be set up on recurring autopay.
Based on your activity as an eMMA user, we would like to assess your ability to send and receive electronic documents through either the eMMA web portal, a catalog, or integrating through cXML or EDI. To ensure that we align your company with the best transaction method, we have developed an assessment tool to help us understand your current technical capabilities related to catalogs, as well as your ability to accept and generate integrated (cXML or EDI) purchase orders and invoices. 

Please complete this assessment by Friday, March 20. We will review your response then contact you directly so we can work together to take the next steps.