* 1. Please respond to the following statements:

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
I feel like the City of Karratha is generally a safe place to live
I feel a sense of pride in the City of Karratha
I feel well connected to the local community
I am satisfied with the appearance of my neighborhood
I believe safe communities rely on good neighbourhood relationships
I take responsibility for my own personal safety (lock doors and personal belongings etc.)
I have a personal contribution to make to improving community safety (report suspicious behaviour to the police etc.)

* 2. I believe the crime rate in the City of Karratha is:

* 3. In general, over the past 12 months I believe that crime in the City of Karratha has:

* 4. Where do you get most of your information about local crime and safety issues?

* 5. Have you personally been a victim of crime in the City of Karratha in the past 12 months?