17th Annual Nevada State Conference on Problem Gambling

Suncoast Hotel & Casino ~ Las Vegas, NV 

May 23-24, 2024

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 2024 Nevada State Conference on Problem Gambling!  The Nevada State Conference is an annual professional education and networking event that presents current information on prevention, education, treatment, research and public policy related to problem gambling.  Attendance at the conference in recent years has exceeded 200 participants, from addiction & mental health, social service agencies, prevention, education, gaming, criminal justice, regulators, policymakers, and peers in recovery.

Please complete the Submission Application as instructed below. Deadline for submission is Feb. 29, 2024.

The application consists of three sections, and all questions marked with * are required. Some responses will indicate a limited word count. Please review all of your answers for accuracy and clarity before submitting your application.

Section 1 - Presenter Information

Section 2 - Presentation Information: Title, Theme, Format, Abstract, Learning Objectives

Section 3 - Disclosures and Acknowledgements


While you are in the application survey, you can go back to previous pages and update existing responses, but once the application is finished (or if you exit the survey before finishing) you will NOT be able to re-enter and access your previous responses.

Also, the survey will NOT provide you with a copy of your responses at the end, so you are strongly encouraged to copy your responses to a separate Word document as you go, for your own reference.

Finally, if you do inadvertently exit the survey before your application is completed, you can simply use the link previously provided to start over, but you will have to re-enter all information. You may also submit more than one presentation, if desired, by completing a new application for each.


NCPG will review and evaluate submissions to identify those that best support the goals for the conference program. Evaluation criteria to be considered may include:

Topic / Content - Relevance to current issues and trends in problem gambling, addiction, and related fields; appropriate level of knowledge and interest for conference attendees; reflects current research and/or professional experience and best practices.

Presenter Qualifications - Professional credentials or demonstrated experience, with demonstrated expertise in the topic area.

Educational Value - Quality, accuracy and source of content; Learning objectives sufficient for CEU approval

Innovation & Style - Potential for the presentation/presenter to stimulate audience interest and engage participants in active learning

Selected presenters will be invited to participate in the 2024 Nevada State Conference, subject to the Presentation Guidelines that follow. NCPG reserves the right to accept or reject submissions in its sole discretion.