Application Information

You must upload all your required documents in the same session that you complete the application in order for it to be submitted as complete. All files must be uploaded as a PDF.
You cannot save a session and return to complete it later.
Click 'Done' to submit your application. You cannot go back and make changes once your application has been submitted. 
Once it is considered complete, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and your application will be reviewed.
Deadline to submit: Monday April 1, 2024  5:00 p.m. 
Please have the following information ready before you begin the application process:

1. Your name and school information
2. Response to essay prompt - up to 750 words in length.
3. Activities During High School: Community Involvement, Extra-curricular activities, Cultural Activities and Family Traiditions.
4. Provide two letters of recommendation - one from a community member and one from a teacher.
5. Copy of high school transcript with cumulative GPA.
6. Provide ACT or SAT scores if you have them.
7. Acceptance letter from a business/trade/college institution.
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