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WCTV CLAPPER AWARDS are presented to the producers of the best programs on WCTV.
Winners will be announced at the WCTV Clapper Awards Presentation on November 16th.  
View the nominees at MY.VIEBIT.COM and vote for your favorites! 

Deadline to Vote is Midnight on Sunday, October 22.

1. Best School Event (select one)

2. Best Look Into Our Schools (select one)

3. Best School Performance (select one)

4. Best Youth Production (select one) - A program produced for or by a youth.

5. Best Documentary (select one) - A program highlighting a person, place, event or topic of interest.

6. Best Religious Message (select one)

7. Best Worship Service

8. Best Performing Arts (select one)

9. Best Public Awareness (select one) - A program produced to bring awareness about a topic, issue or service available to our community.

10. Best Promotional (select one)

11. Best Special Event (select one) - video coverage of a community event

12. Best Sports & Recreation (select one)

13. Best Instructional (select one)

14. Best Informational (select one)

15. Best Talk Show (select one)

16. Best Entertainment (select one)

17. (Optional) Please enter your contact information to receive WCTV news and information via mail and email.

18. (Optional) Do you have any other comment or suggestions for WCTV?