Universal UNICEF USA Youth Leadership Application: Introduction

Information and Background:
Welcome to the universal application to serve on UNICEF USA's National Youth Council or Youth Representative program! Please see more details below on this new application format and the two Youth Leadership Positions you will be eligible to apply for. Watch this TikTok for a breakdown of the 2 roles. 

What is a National Youth Council Member?  
The UNICEF USA National Youth Council is a group of 12 young leaders ages 14-24 located anywhere in the country who work closely with UNICEF staff, clubs and volunteers to elevate the voices and perspectives of young people and advance child rights nationwide. In this role, members support the national club and volunteer network, advocate for policy change and serve as key youth spokespeople on behalf of UNICEF USA.  The Council also works with UUSA staff on strategic priorities and campaigns spearheading new initiatives and elevating youth voices. They serve as youth leaders on a national level, connecting the work of our youth in local communities across the country and building connections with key global youth advocates in other countries. 

Volunteers serving as National Youth Council members are required to volunteer 3-5hrs per week with UNICEF USA and will receive a $1000 stipend. 

See Full National Youth Council Job Description.

What is a Youth Representative?
UNICEF USA’s Youth Representatives (ages 14-24) are youth leaders acting as child rights advocates who lead on behalf of UNICEF’s work in a regional capacity.  The Youth Representatives are charged with helping UNICEF USA grow our community of supporters and advance local child rights action through Child-Friendly Cities (CFCI) and other municipal partnerships (in select cities). They serve as youth leaders in their local community, activating the UNICEF Clubs network, and engaging stakeholders to drive policy change. This is done through youth organizing, skills building, and advocacy that leads to improvements in child well-being.  

Volunteers serving as Youth Representatives are required to volunteer 1-2 hours per week with UNICEF USA and will receive a $500 stipend. 

See Youth Representative Job Description.

Interested in applying?

Please proceed to the next page to begin your application. You will be able to submit any optional documents like resumes, cover letters, and any additional documents at the end of the application. Please have those documents ready to upload. Applications are due April 21st at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time.