We are taking a new approach to educational webinars in the coming year!

Members turn to Citygate Network's Professional Development webinars to learn about creative innovations, receive sound advice from subject matter experts, discover viable solutions to their biggest challenges, and see how new practices can be used to build their ministry. In 2022, we are inviting business members and partners to share their expertise and support for innovations by presenting/underwriting or simply underwriting a Citygate Network webinar. The cost to present or underwrite a webinar is $895 and includes Citygate Network promotion and follow-up opportunities.

New for 2022—webinar topics have been pre-selected this go-round based on industry developments and input received from our ministry members. We’ve organized a list of options, and we invite you to peruse our menu of webinar topics to decide if you wish to present or underwrite a webinar in 2022.

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